Jayme’s Philosophy

Creating Natural & Organic Body Care that’s good for everyone while not looking drab, boring, blah  “Paper Bag Looking”.

Things I will stick to being FREE OF include Gluten, Pthalates, Parabens. There’s too much out there that seems to prove they can lead to cancer, etc. I pay close attention to what ingredients I use. You will find Vegan-Friendly products in my line as well. Currently, all of my lotions & butters are vegan approved, along with many of my soaps.

I infuse my products with lots of organic herbs & botanicals. It’s the hip & cool thing to do yo! Plus it’s good for you dudes & dudettes out there!

My ultimate philosophy is Keep It Real… Keep It Natural…     The better we are at sticking to this idea, the better we will be as people in every way.